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Nestled on Wood Avenue in Linden, New Jersey, just 15 minutes from Manhattan, in the heart of a wonderful community our store is visible to everyone that goes by. We work hard at providing our customers with the freshest products made just steps away in our manufacturing plant daily. We carry a full line of Eastern European Products made by our butchers, plus fresh meats and prepared foods. Feel free to taste all of our kielbasas and hams and choose the one that is right for you. We will be happy to explain the subtle differences between the products, as well as try to get you to try something new. There's nothing like having a ham or a kielbasa that has just come out of the smokehouse. Once you've tried it you will never buy a supermarket ham or kielbasa again.

Our other products will surprise you and make you a customer for life. We carry Pierogies of all kinds, Babkas, Breads, Cakes, Churckis, Packis, Cookies, imported Chocolates and Candies direct from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries in Europe. Our courteous staff are waiting to help you! What's taking you so long?

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